Top 5 websites to learn PHP for FREE

Top 5 websites to learn PHP for FREE

Last Updated on Dec 22, 2022

Do you want to learn php but you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars?

You are not alone. There are many websites that help people like you and me to start our journey.

Here I’m going to introduce 5 of the best websites to learn PHP, without paying anything.

Learn PHP with W3school

W3schools is my absolute favorite because I learned PHP from their website in the beginning of my journey.

They have a very simple design that won’t distract you. They go step by step from the beginning. They cover a lot of basic ideas plus a lot of more advanced topics.

They also have an exercise for almost every topic. You don’t even need to run php on your computer because you can run your PHP exercises on their website and see the results right there.

Learn PHP with Tutorialspoint

Like w3schools, Tutorialspoint is one of those websites that I love. Not only because I learned from them but also because they have an amazing library that has guides on almost everything.

You can spend hours on their website and learn a lot of things.

They cover the basics plus more advanced topics plus a lot of examples.

Learn PHP with PHP the right way is one of those websites that I wish I had found sooner. They talk about the basic stuff but they cover a lot of other topics that are necessary for a developer to know.

Another great thing about them is that, they list a lot of good resources. After reading each section you know exactly where you should go next if you want to deepen your knowledge about that specific topic.

Learn PHP with Sitepoint PHP

Sitepoint is not a step by step tutorial  kind of website. But they are one of my favorites. They have articles on so many different topics. You can find articles from guides for beginners to advanced topics.

They also have a library of books but to access some of them you have to pay a monthly fee.

Learn PHP with PHP Manual’s manual is not a tutorial. It’s the documentation for php. But if you go through it, you can learn a lot. Because for each step and each function there is a very good and detailed explanation plus a lot of examples and use cases.


Now you know 5 websites that can help you on your journey to become a PHP developer.

I recommend you to go through them today. You don’t need to read all the articles of all those websites. You might learn one topic from one website and another topic from another website. But it’s very important that you start your journey today. Go to one of these websites right now and read 1 article. It won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or opinions, please leave a comment below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Key takeaways

  • We learned about 5 websites that can help you learn php for FREE
  • w3schools
  • Tutorialspoint
  • Sitepoint
  • Php the right way

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